Who are the Current Political Leaders in Blanchard, Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is currently led by Governor Kevin Stitt, a Republican, and Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell, also a Republican. The Commissioner of Agriculture of Oklahoma is Blayne Arthur. The city of Blanchard is governed by a five-member city council, each elected for a term of four years. Four members are elected from individual geographical districts and one in general.

The mayor is appointed from among the members of the city council for a period of two years. The City Council enacts municipal ordinances, resolutions, and proclamations, establishes city policy, and authorizes all expenditures of municipal funds after the approval of the annual budget. In addition, current City Council members serve as members of the Board of Directors of the Blanchard Municipal Improvement Authority (BMIA). BMIA trustees meet every month in public meetings after city council meetings. Recently, the Oklahoma House of Representatives elected Representative Charles McCall (Republican for Atoka) as Speaker of the House for his fourth term, making him the longest-serving president in the state's history.

The Blanchard City Council meets regularly on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except observed holidays) at the Blanchard Municipal Courthouse, 300 North Main Street, Blanchard, Oklahoma.

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