The Impact of Social Media on Local Politics in Blanchard, Oklahoma

The utilization of social media has had a remarkable effect on local politics in Blanchard, Oklahoma over time. From allowing younger Americans to have more personalized political interests to providing a platform for state and local governments to negotiate standard terms of service, social media has revolutionized the way people participate in politics. Having agreements in place for the use of multiple social networks or social media sites implies that state and local governments no longer have to start from the beginning when it comes to negotiating special terms of service. This has enabled them to resolve issues with existing standard terms that were previously problematic.

Younger voters are searching for a political party that supports their varied perspectives and welcomes their thoughts. Those who are able to effectively comprehend the social media information ecosystem will enjoy increasing electoral success. Communications made through social media, Web 2.0, or the email and messaging system of social media technology do not constitute legal or official notice or comment for the State of Oklahoma or its agencies or any official or employee of the State of Oklahoma for any purpose. In contrast to other Southern states that are mired in racial politics, Louisiana politics is based on a real, albeit controversial, option given to voters.

Social media has enabled this option to be explored more thoroughly and has allowed for greater involvement with local politics.

Ida Norkus
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